SaharaMaraton 2010 går i februari!

Skapad: 2008-02-07, Senast uppdaterad: 2009-03-11

Ett av de tuffare maratonloppen i världen går mellan de olika lägren nära staden Tindouf, Algeriet.

Och ett av de mest emotionella välkomnanden hälsar deltagarna:

- You came from a distant place for a very important reason, to promote more awareness of the health and food needs of Western Sahara children.

This event is much more than a simple race. The route symbolically connects the three refugee camps of Smara, Auserd and ElAyoun, and leads runners through a desert which has been the home of refugees for 30 years.

Thanks to your effort and your concern for this issue, you have reawakened their hope, giving them the feeling of not being alone. But what is more important is that, as you decided to go there, they can now count on new friends all their lives".

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